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Building Toys

Building Toys

Building, construction, assembling toys, blocks, etc., are kind of items used to play.

They evolved during our history into highly sophisticated games and nowadays we can say that they also exist
even in digital versions with three-dimensional properties.

We can find many benefits in this kind of toys:
When playing with blocks creating new designs, a child develops creativity skills, using different sizes, colors and shapes.
Blocks also develop intellectual abilities and often times math skills as well.
Physical development is also included in the building with blocks process, exercising coordination between eyes and hands.
All above said is also applicable to adults suffering from brain injuries in a rehabilitation process.

The plastic industry evolution changed the way of building toys, wood and metal games became less common and sophisticated, good quality and beautiful plastic toys gained a greater share of the market.

Brands like LEGO changed the way of playing with construction toys, presenting unlimited options of building almost everything, such as houses, cars, cranes, landscapes, adding ready pieces and engines to the basic blocks.

We have to mention building toys as games, and the indeed involve lots of fun.
However, they also develop skills of children, however it is quite common to see adults playing such games.

Computers revolution reached also the games industry. Thousands of building games were created, becoming a daily entertainment for children and adults as well.

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